Greetings! Welcome to the Comprehensive Wiki of Rikutsaren. Here you will find an extensive compilation of definitions, tables, and other helpful information related to the Rikutsaren Language. Here I will also be giving updates to the language and inviting friends over to give tips, as well as working and posting details on the lore of Rikutsar. Be sure to check me out on Conworkshop as well!

About Rikutsaren

Rikutsaren is a language I've been working on and tweaking for more than 5 years now. It's an agglutinating, ergative-absolutive, isolate language with around 13 million speakers spoken on the fictional island utopia of Rikutsar. According to the lore, the language was created by Farogur and her Grand Council over the course of a decade after the foundation of Rikutso in 493 AD.

Some Older Stuff
Here are some cool links to the older stuff I made for this language. I think they beautifully show the processes this language has undergone, even in the past 2 or 3 years.
Recent Changes

Timeline of Recent Changes

8/28/18 and laterenormous revamp of Rikutsaren. All sound changes reverted. Elder Rikutsaren heavily modified. Cases cut back to bare minimum. Orthography and Pronunciation revamped. More here.
8/9/18changes to the “when” and “whereto” rows of table of correlatives; establishment of a new grammar rule regarding the placement of correlative pronouns and conjunctions.
8/3/18Sound Changes: Drafting of Dialectal sound changes.
8/1/18 and earlier Orthography: <ń> and its corresponding phoneme /ŋ/ have both been discontinued Dialects: Dialects of Rikutsaren established. Phonology: Tonality has been implemented into most dialects.
6/8/18 - Sound Changes: Finalized version of sound changes has been created.
Script: Script has been finalized.
Orthography: Orthography has been modified. Sibilant fricatives are now represented with an acute instead of a macron. Nasals are no longer written with an ogonek but instead with their historical counterparts. <h> is now used to represent where the now silent intervocalic sibilant fricatives of Elder Rikutsaren would have been.
5/30/18 - Script: Script undergoing big changes. More soon.

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A great way to learn some more about the lore of Rikutso is to check out these awesome dispatches on NationStates:

New rikutso flag
The flag of Rikutsar

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